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I provide mothers with editorial style images of themselves. You don’t need to be a supermodel to be happy with your body and for it to look good in photographs. I promise you, no matter whether you’re a pear, apple or banana, I can take an image of you that you love! With 10 years experience photographing women, know that you’re in great hands. 


4 years ago, my incredible first daughter made me a mother. I know how weary and tired feels, but I also know what pride comes from seeing them reach their milestones, and hearing that “I love you mum” (but only after they’ve discovered the cookie jar).  I also know that we put ourselves last all the time. I know I have a fight in me that only other mothers understand, and I know how long the days are but how the years are short. 


Last year, my second daughter had open heart surgery at 7 months old. I think it was then that I really, truly understood that fight that mothers have. I also understood the toll it took on my body and mentality. I needed to do something for me. 


Seeing that spark and drive and beauty in other mothers is what drives me. I need you to see yourself how everyone else sees you. You need to be photographed.